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News and Updates

From the Shades

ello dear and fellow friends – we’re excited to share our second Bandcamp release day – SHADES (THE AFTER DARK MIX) Another precious from our treasure chest, beautifully done by our friend Ludwig Böss, check out Jacobs and his project VOLKSPARK. And now enjoy SHADES – luv from Berlin t.m.f.b.t. https://themintband.bandcamp.com/track/shades-after-dark-mix…

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Bandcamp and new songs!


GOOD NEWS Hello dear friends, after being silent for some time, we have some intel for you, you might like. At the moment we’re planning to release the long lost 2nd to none ;- album: -TIGERS AND CLOWNS –   – and as a first step and foreshadowing the whole…

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The Shape Of Things To Come Part 2

Another night, another song … we’re sharing a great and creative time atm, working on a lot of new stuff. This one is called “My Favourite Fata Morgana”. We promise to be back on stage soon, we’re looking forward to see you again. Have a nice weekend. t.m.w.t